Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Das Boob *

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently made a fine display of some of her nation's greatest natural assets when she attended the opera Saturday.

The dress made international headlines(1) and prompted many Internet news sources to sit up and take notice. (2.)

To her credit, Merkel was surprised that anyone actually noticed, which indicates the level of "Bitch, please" that I like to hear from politicians. When questioned, she stated that her dress "shows what I am: female, healthy,and strong."

Wait, no. That was Power Girl.

Deutschland Deutschland ├╝ber alles, TVG.

* I spent far too long trying to decide if this title was appropriate.
(1.) From actual newspapers!
(2.) My personal favorite being from the writer of the excellent blog Ace of Spades, who summed it up with the following: "I'd hit that like the Luftwaffe hit Madrid." Zeppelins indeed.

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